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Named after the strategy used by the German's in World War 2, where the army would rush passed a certain point or line with everything they have. Blitzkrieging is when someone steps over the line appropriateness really quickly, usually with just one comment.
Guy 1: "Hey man, sorry I'm late. I just got back from your mother's house."

Guy 2: "Yeah well I fucked your dead grandmother."

Guy 1: "Wow dude, too far. Stop Blitzkrieging."
by Shambles299 June 27, 2010
The act of a boss or manager scheduling you for certain shifts so that you avoid working along side someone you are trying to have sex with. Cock blocking you by giving you bad shifts.
Man, there's this new girl at work who is so hot! But I never work with her, my manager is always shift blocking me.
by Shambles299 May 25, 2011
To do something that you know annoys someone frequently, risking a violent outburst the more the action is done. It refers to an online game, where a rabbit is poked, until it eventually bites the mouse. Often shouted out to someone as a warning that what they're doing can get them hurt.
Guy 1 pokes Girl 1 who does not like being poked. Guy 1 pokes Girl 1 again and again
Guy 2 to Guy 1 - "Don't poke the rabbit man. She'll kill you."
by Shambles299 April 12, 2011
A nickname for someone who is good for nothing. The accuser can disguise that meaning of the word by saying that it is Australian slang for something completely different.
Accuser: "Man that guy is such a wubby."
Guy accused of being a wubby: "What the hell does that mean!?"
Accuser: "Don't worry, it's Australian slang for badass."
by Shambles299 February 01, 2011
A term used to refer to a group of girls that go to the bathroom together. Similar to a school of fish, or a herd of cows, the group of girls is called a gossip of girls. 3+ girls must be present in order to be called a gossip.
Man 1 - Dude, I just walked by a Gossip of Girls on the way to the bathroom. They were talking a mile a minute!
Man 2 - I will never understand why they need to go to the bathroom together.
by Shambles299 November 06, 2011
DTB is a term used to describe any girl that is "Down To Bro." These types of girls are the girls that are close friends with you and are basically one of the bros. If a girl is DTB, then she's willing to hang out, drink beer, and do things only bros would do. The alternative to a DTB girl is a DTF girl. Any other girl is not worth the time.
Guy: "Hey, want to come chill with us tonight?"
Girl: "Hell yeah I do, I'll bring the beer."
Guy to his guy friends: "Man, that girl is totally DTB"
by Shambles299 December 09, 2010

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