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The state of total drunkenness. Also known as hammered and shit-housed.
Man, did you see Todd at that party last night? He was completely blitzkrieged.
by JohnKlux August 26, 2006
to be really high to the point of not being able to think
Damn dude, I am blitzkrieged, wha??
by robdog073191 May 04, 2005
Getting absolutely shit blasted drunk, hindering the ability of any rational cognition.
Dude, you got blitzkrieged last night... you took a shit in a McDonald's bag and tried to make us eat it. When we wouldn't, you fucking smeared it on your face.
by Skelly T Michaels February 19, 2010
A state one enters when one has consumed a great amount of marijuana and is beginning to lose control of cognitive functions.
Everyone: What the fucks up with Dan?
Simon: Don't mind Dan, he just smoked five blunts and is extremely blitzkrieged.
by Smnortaculos March 06, 2008
To be blitzed beyond all recognition.
Super stoned.
TJ wishes he was Blitzkrieged, but he is sober as a bird!
by GrieveNasty91 October 19, 2010
Passing a test at least an 'A-''
Amanda blitzkrieged her Trig class finals, the rest of her high school career will be much easier from this day forth.
by Mini14toter May 31, 2012
Blitzkrieged, when your playing a WWII Video Game and are rushed by an unstoppable mass of axis guys, who you know are like, KILL THEM ALL!!! The end result is your corpse being faced rape.

"Eh, fecking nOOb was asking for it."
by Lt Frosty October 03, 2008

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