It is a sexual move where the male is hitting that shit from the back (doggie style) and you pretend like your about to cum. Then, you pull out and spit on her back, but keep the real jizz ready to go. When she turns around to see the mess you made, you hit her in the face with all of your next generations (sperm). Laugh it off then get a sharpie and draw a swastika (fuck if i know how to spell) on her lower back and put a tally mark below it. Now, everytime you fool her, stick another tally mark under the symbol. So now when you see a girl with a bunch of tallys, she either likes it, or is a dumbass mother fucker.
Yo, shit cuz, i fucking pulled a blitzkrieg on my bitch then dumped her ass, fucktard bitch.
by Fus10n July 21, 2006
Bend a girl over a desk and fuck her in the ass. Then take your dick out and fuck her in the pussy while she shits from a stretched open ass hole. Then spread her ass cheeks, cum in her asshole, then turn her over and shit in her mouth.
...and then i bent her over and gave her a blitzkrieg right on Sister Hill's desk.
by The Pirate January 06, 2005

-Highest degree of oral sex before bukkake
-Damn, look at that girl take all that bukkake!!

-Naww, mank, it's only seven guys. That's a blitzkrieg.
by BLITZKRIEG January 23, 2005
A german dance. Used in the Ramones' song "Blitzkrieg Bop".
They're forming in a straight line. They're going through a tight wind. The kids are losing their minds. Blitzkrieg Bop!
by Anonymous January 04, 2005

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