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Giving a handjob while holding your face right in front of the reciever and staring into his eyes, resembling the telling of a scary story in the dark with a flashlight.
Mike: Dude... last night Bijou gave me a handjob man...

Nate: Sweet man... was it awesome?

Mike: Not really... she gave me a Blair Witch, it was hella scary

Sam: That sucks

Mike: Yeah.. She hauntes my dreams now
by Aramis, Mike, Nate, Sam, Donnie December 04, 2006
movie that open to theaters in 1998. the story about three student film makers who mysteriously disappeared in the black hills in burttketsville. their film was latter discovered burid under an old house that was first built in the 1800's.
im the blair witch beware my power.
by julio February 12, 2004
A movie created out of pure fiction with a story created by the directors in which 3 students went into a forest with film equipment and the crew made scary noises etc. etc. to produce the effect that the kids were being chased or attacked by something.
"I totally saw the Blair Witch in my basement last night!!"

"Dude...that movie was fake..the witch wasn't real, you know that right?"

"Eh....right..I was just testin you guys!"

by Senada July 13, 2005
1. Point Blank

2. Directly, Precisely

Usually used with extreme emphasis.
1. I was playing COD and I turned the corner and this dude just shoots me in the head, BLAIR FUCKING WITCH with a shotgun.

2. On my way to work, I was going through this intersection on some guy runs the light and t-bones me BLAIR WITCH in the passenger side door!
by BFunk McH March 12, 2010
something a woman is called when one or many simply dispise that woman's very exisitance
Tom: "Hey Rick, is that your ex"?
Rick: "Nah! It's just the fucking Blair Witch, let's roll."
by Goatcheez September 04, 2003
1. Anything poorly made.

adj. (Blair Witch-ey)
2. To be a simply and utterly appalling actor/actress.
1. That door is such a blair witch. Look at it, it's falling apart at the hinges!

2. Did you see that movie 'Tomb Raider'? Yeah, that girl in it was so blair witch-ey.
by K-drizzle December 26, 2007
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