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A movie/book that is over-used and often misunderstood. This book shows how most of the world is obsessed with consumer products. The movie is not about beating each other senseless for fun, and it is not about the rules and those who are out there writing definitions reciting the rules are just douchebags. The movie is not REAL. It is a MOVIE. Tone down your imaginations and get over it. However, the point the movie makes is a valid and mostly overlooked point that everyone should consider.
"Fight Club was a movie that revolutionized the minds of space monkeys everywhere."

"I know that movie! *starts to recite the rules*"

"The movie isnt about the Fight Clubs you poseur douchebag. Stfu."
by Senada July 27, 2005
A movie created out of pure fiction with a story created by the directors in which 3 students went into a forest with film equipment and the crew made scary noises etc. etc. to produce the effect that the kids were being chased or attacked by something.
"I totally saw the Blair Witch in my basement last night!!"

"Dude...that movie was fake..the witch wasn't real, you know that right?"

"Eh....right..I was just testin you guys!"

by Senada July 13, 2005
A 5 sided star that when appears upsidedown is the symbol for Satanists, and usually contains the head of a goat, as the goat is the most common symbol associated with Satan.

A pentagram, also known as a pentacle, is used in many different religions, including christianity, satanism, and wiccanism.

Most people automatically associate the pentagram with some sort of evil, or satan worshipers, but in the middle ages it was used at a symbol for warding off evil spirits, contrary to public ideas, it was actually used for the exact opposite of what most people think it's for.
"Dude! the pentagram is the symbol for the devil!
Dude, you're an idiot."
by Senada August 27, 2006

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