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same thing as bitch or anything else you want to call it
That angry girl over there is a biznatch
by Tipsy 503 January 28, 2008
A stupid bitch that likes to lie a lot
You can never get the truth out of that Biznatch.
by 39 cougars September 13, 2009
It's a replacement for the word bitch.
Tyler; Brittany's such a biznatch!
Brittany; Did you hear what he just said to me?
Tyler; All I said was biznatch...I didn't say "it"!
by Lemon Jello August 19, 2006
Verb, noun, adjective. A wonderful little word to express any feeling at any time.
Patrick is such a biznatch!

Watch yo'self, or I'll smack you in da biznatch!

That's great! It's just bizNATCHin'!

by T-Biz July 18, 2006
a concoction of bizatch and snatch to make: pussy bitch.
John's such a biznatch. He screams like a girl.
by OceanSpawned January 12, 2006
Biznatch- a girl who is a whore. Can be used as a insult on any girl.
Fuck you Biznatch!
by SnoopDOGGeezie February 20, 2003
1. homie
2. really mean female

also: bitch, biatch, byotch, yotch, biotch, byatch
1. step off mah bread, biznatch
2. yo trick quite bein such a biznatch and bend ova
by wasabi July 13, 2002