female dog
by tina fishin October 28, 2003
a really slutty ugly and stupid broad that can't keep her mind off of sex(a whore) ,or a very unmasculine man
yo you see that biznatch in the corner
by thakidd207 January 02, 2006
Play on the many slang derivitives of bitch, biznatch is originally a pun on biz and snatch; i.e. nice pussy.
Mmm can smell dat biznatch fro here
by Michael Patricks August 04, 2005
He who is God, the one who knows all, sees all and is capable of all. The omniscient and omnipotent.
The mighty biznatch from above is shining upon me today. I won $3,000,000 just for walking into hooters!
by Ghod November 07, 2003
slang for piece of shit!
up yours you fuckin biznatch
by Jermaine March 25, 2005
Someone who is upsetting or quarrelsome.
Jessica is such a biznatch. What a fucking slutty ass biznatch.
by Eat A Dick December 24, 2002

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