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a variation if the word bitch; "byotch" is regularly said on the movie mean girls. it's a way to insult slutty girls that take your boyfriends, walk around thinking they're cool, or have decieved one of there friends in a mean way.
oh my god! what a byotch!

she is such a byotch

fucking byotch
by Laura July 04, 2004
Like Biatch but better.
Why that person is such a byotch. But don't tell them I said that, they might hurt me.
by mystery_girl July 13, 2005
a word that girls that are afraid to cuss substitute for bitch. used in mean girls and around my high school ;)
god, emily is such an effing byotch
by qt3.14 May 15, 2005
an adaptation of beeotch derived once again from the word bitch, but is generally used as a sign of affection. (used in mean girls/queenbees and wannabees)
dudette:comin 2 my party l8r?
dude:sure thang
dudette:c u there then by-otch
by Joshua Rawcliffe March 11, 2005
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