natcho bidness; ie., business "biz-snatch"
Ain't none of yo' biz-Snatch.
by r8swinger April 23, 2003
another word for a silly hoe.
That chicken head mari is such a biznatch....see Mari.
by dR. JUICES ALOT May 08, 2003
Biznatch- a girl who is a whore. Can be used as a insult on any girl.
Fuck you Biznatch!
by SnoopDOGGeezie February 20, 2003
not-too-distant derivation of the word biyatch (see biyotch) which, in most cases, is used as to emphasize and/or exclaim pride in what one's remark, reply, statement, monologue, etc...
yo, it's mad dumping snow out here. i'll see you on the slopes. biznatch!
by drop my heavo on you February 05, 2003
slang for; bitch, etc.
Also as cool, homie, buddy, and for teasing
"That clerk is a total Biznatch!"
"sup Biznatch!How was 5th period?"
"I fucked that Biznatch up!!"
"You did!You're such a little BIZNATCH!!!Ha-ha, yea, totally!"
by Jasmine O'Neal September 29, 2006
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