biz-NATCH = noun
1. A highly disrespectful slang term.

2. Something you never call Abuelita.
"Shut-up, you old biznatch!" bitch biatch biznitch
by Illuminutti March 03, 2015
A ghetto way of saying "bitch". It was used in the early nineties by teenagers, but took a while to progress to the ghetto. It is often used instead of bitch when one doesn't want to come across as a jerk.
Call me, biznatch!

Hey, wanna go get some KFC, biznatch?
by GhettoMuchacha March 17, 2011
buisness bitch biznass biznatches biatch
Combination of "Buisness" and "Bitch." A noun describing a noon-hour stripper, fling (usually an office fling during lunch), or prostitute.
Buisness man 1: Would you like to join us for lunch?
Buisness man 2: Sorry, fellas, I gotta take care of some biznatch.
by po_ette_tree April 15, 2011
Not quite a bitch, but not quite a not-bitch. Mostly to be used by wiggers and the like.
"Yo, 'sup, biz-natches?!"
by DJ ZaSalaSala January 04, 2009
Slang Term for Bitch
A female dog or a girl
by Joemama June 22, 2004
the only other word for bitch which is *much* cooler
"god she is such a biznatch!"
"dont u mean bitch?"
"no i mean biznatch."
by xxxMcNuggetxxx May 04, 2008
A combination of "bitch" and a "snatch"

Bitch + Snatch = Biznatch

Many high schoolers use the word to refrain from having to use the word "bitch" or "snatch" and get in trouble.
Ryan, why do you have to be such a little biznatch?

Sean, why do you have to be such a biznatch at times?

Telemantes, why do you have to be such a BITCH!?...I mean such a biznatch!?

So yea whats up biznatch? I MEAN BUDDY heh heh.
by Eddie (Melara) November 28, 2007

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