a guy who is so epic and awesome, usually enjoys alternative music (mix of rock and pop) and loves any country in asia, he usually has short straight hair that is probably bronw and probably %50 asian. he knows martial arts and will pwn u in fight with his asian kung fu skills! and he knows internet terms and how to fix em because his parents work with computers all day and they probably work for the government of their country. they love asian food (sushi, pho, dumplings e.t.c.) he enjoys being called his other name like ben or lets say if hes asian.. his asian name.
see that dude there? hes so pro, i bet his names benjamin.
by helpwnu2 May 12, 2011
The greatest guy you'll ever meet. Ben will always be there for you. He will listen to your problems even when you don't deserve it. He is very self conscious but would never admit it. Don't be surprised if he tells you he's been depressed before and has thought of committing suicide. He is very cute/hot but doesn't think so. He tends to be mid height. He is very kind and sensitive. He is also very funny and sarcastic but is serious when need be. If he's into you, he probably talks about you all the time to his friends because he isn't sure what to do. He is also very good at art and you might even get a little jealous at how good he is.
Hey isn't that Benjamin?
After your serious talk last night I wouldn't be surprised to see you two together.
Yeah, he talks about you a lot ;)
by minnie1214 August 30, 2014
Benjamin is best lover a girl could ask for. His heart is sooo big even when he can't always give the best description for how he feels about you. He shows you how he feels. He's a lover not a fighter. He kisses you like its your last day together. And when.you're mad at him, expect him to hug you. No not a little hug. But those ones where he comes up behind you and pulls your waist closer. He won't give up on you even when he has a reason too. Ben is a funny guy who doesn't take everything so serious. . Life is a fun ride to him and be lucky If you're part of it because you're lucky if your his number one. He won't go a day without saying he love's you. So show him you love him. His blue eyes and blonde hair may get you hooked but its him who you could never let go of.
I love Benjamin.<3
by hisgirl1108 June 24, 2013
A very handsome and friendly boy. He attracts people with his looks. He loves to eat baked goods and fruits, especially grapes. He loves to create his own music using a DJ editor. Benjamin is one of many friends who you will trust.
"Benjamin is my best friend!"
by Octopusquidward August 24, 2012
Crazy person that Everybody loves.
Whatever benjamin does we still love him
by minion8 December 18, 2014
A Cocktail made with equal parts scotch or rye and pickle juice, and a splash of dry vermouth. Garnish with a pickle spear and a cocktail olive or onion, on the rocks.
I had like nine Benjamins man, you can't hold that against me.
by cocktailXpert January 12, 2011
His name is Benjamin, but he likes the name Ben. He likes really cool bands (Breathe Carolina, BOTDF, We Came As Romans, Adept, SILVERSTEIN) and tbh he's just a nerd with cool hair. He totally knows what MMPORG is, he's quite shy. He has brown hair that's swishyyyy :D he also owns clothing that you will want to steal e.g. Drop Dead. He hates chav's. He tends to leave clothes at the bottom of Lolcano's in Vietnam but hey he's crazy like that.
Person 1: I really need a Benjamin he has such cool taste
Person 2: I know I love his Drop Dead stufff
by BENJAMINISSOCOOL October 20, 2010

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