In some areas of the UK to benjamin something is to make love with it. A benjamin with 3 or more people is called 'A Big Bad Benjamin.'
"Whoa, that was one good Benjamin."
by Turkey-Legs May 23, 2006
A tall incredibly charming man who has an equally beautiful soul. A fascinating person who emanates strength, joy, care and joviality where ever he goes. He is treasured by his family to the greatest degree, as he's a loyal son who upholds the family values with dignity. Belonging to an ancestry of loving noble people, they always enjoy celebrating family occasions with great delight.
Samson: What a fine gentleman he is. Such grace and strength in his presence. Rita: Sure darling young chap, Benjamin, definitely is a wonderful catch.

Uncle Samson: His fiance is a very lucky lady. She must be a nice lady too.

Rita: Yes she's is quite nice. And she loves him very much too. The wedding celebrations are going to be fantastic. Both families are great together. Its going to be grand

Samson: Definitely, look at young Benjamin, he is just the perfect chap. His family belong to a very noble and respected family, that is why their so giving and handsome. It is going to be exquisite.
by thankyouGodforhim.2609 June 02, 2010
The best boyfriend in the entire world . Who would make you happier than anyone else . He is adorable and funny and smart and honest . He'll compliment you forever and never let you down . Benjamin will make you smile no matter what . I love him :) .
Chick - "isn't Benjamin your boyfriend ?"
Girlfriend of Benjamin - "yeah , he's amazing ."
by Goldfishes:) October 19, 2011
A handsome man with blue eyes. He is often single and wild, but may be tamed and taken by only a perfect woman. He has a big dick and can go for hours giving many pleasing orgasms. He will love a woman if she can match him in bed. He is very protective over his close friends and family. He loves either basketball or baseball and has great muscles. Benjamin is set in his ways and is very stubborn. Most other men fear him.
Misty: Are you in love?

Jill: Well his name is Benjamin.
by bambam22 January 22, 2011
A rather tall boy. Is usually a beast at basketball, and one of the greatest baseball players anyone around has ever seen. He's usually very humorous, and friendly. Can make friends with anyone. Isn't a jerk or rude to anyone unless they are to him. He's got a bit of a southern side. He enjoys country music, yet he's also fond of rap. He's one hell of a genius, and has a nice voice. Benjamins often have very nice bodies, but their ass is the best part! Benjamin's are very well rounded. He doesn't date often, but once he finds that girl, he settles down. Usually, girls will fall fast for a Benjamin. A Benjamin will more than likely fall for their bestfriend, or that special girl will become his best friend. If you catch a Benjamin, KEEP HIM.
He's so smart, and great at sports.
And look at that ass! He's got to be a Benjamin.
He's in love with his best friend! That's one lucky girl!
by HaleyBuggy December 28, 2011
The absolute cornerstone upon which chivalry stands, Benjamin is a kindhearted, loving, and intrepid soul. Though strong, intelligent, and wise, Benjamin sometimes harbors secrets deep within, only to be entrusted by a small number of his closest companions. He can tend to be quiet and reserved in most situations; however, Benjamin's true colors are revealed when he feels comfortable around and pleased with his company. He easily captivates every girl that befriends him; only one has ever truly captured Benjamin's heart. A stunning smile and a shining soul, Benjamin is the ideal icon of a true gentleman in today's society.
At first glance, Benjamin seemed to be just another voiceless existence of the world, though this was proved compltely false by his bold and valiant actions.
by Bensashi August 08, 2012
An intense guy with a knack for music and puns. Has his own rhythm of life and a quirky charm. His voice carries through the walls more than anyone else's and his laugh can be heard from a mile away. Finds humor where no one else would and will laugh unabashedly even when no one else will. Has a definite soft spot for kids. Very sincere and charismatic. Has a taste for Qdoba and chocolate milk. Often lost in thought. Plays basketball like a madman. Is held in high esteem by his peers. Benjamins will strike you as unique and keep you guessing to the point of downright bafflement.
Girl: "Benjamin is remarkable. He won't leave your thoughts easily."
by BenHappened June 21, 2011
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