Crazy person that Everybody loves.
Whatever benjamin does we still love him
by minion8 December 18, 2014
When a man records a girl buttocks on his mobile phone while she walks in front him.
Yesterday, I saw this girl walking and I just had to do a Benjamin.
by Thebrownbear October 19, 2014
The greatest guy you'll ever meet. Ben will always be there for you. He will listen to your problems even when you don't deserve it. He is very self conscious but would never admit it. Don't be surprised if he tells you he's been depressed before and has thought of committing suicide. He is very cute/hot but doesn't think so. He tends to be mid height. He is very kind and sensitive. He is also very funny and sarcastic but is serious when need be. If he's into you, he probably talks about you all the time to his friends because he isn't sure what to do. He is also very good at art and you might even get a little jealous at how good he is.
Hey isn't that Benjamin?
After your serious talk last night I wouldn't be surprised to see you two together.
Yeah, he talks about you a lot ;)
by minnie1214 August 30, 2014
an ice cream flavour of praline's and dick
by shwing122 January 27, 2014
Me: How about you kills Joe?
Timothy: How about Benjamin joins the conversation?
by Dudeguyme November 03, 2013
A $100 bill.
You gotta drop a Benjamin just to get in.
by Papapo March 23, 2014
An amazing guy. He has nice hair, which is different everyday. He plays the drums, and is fucking amazing at it if you ask me. He is friends with everyone, and is an awesome person to be around. He makes the best jokes and will listen to you when you're sad. He has the best blue eyes that you could stare into for hours. He loves his video games, but that's the cutest part. He's a keeper.
"Hey Maddie, who do you like?"

"Well, he has amazing blue eyes and a great sense of humour, his hair is freaking awesome, and did I mention he played the drums? He's so smart-"

"It's Benjamin, isn't it?"

by MyHeartsAStereo June 19, 2013

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