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common large caliber rifle ammunicion used mostly by military and law enforcement.
a 50 cal is one huge rifle round
by Daddy-E June 23, 2006
A term used to describe the 5/6 people you would kill if you only had one bullet left. Luckily the 50 cal will kill them all
Boy: Man I hate that fat cunt. He is definitly in my 50 cal line-up
by Colm.. December 27, 2008
A sex move where the girl does a handstand and the guy fucks her in the ass, while pulling her legs towards him to make it look like he is shooting a 50 Cal. machine gun.
- Remember that girl last night?
- Yeah. What about her?
- I 50 cal.'d her in Jonny's room!
- That was my sister you motherfuker!
by Noneofur March 21, 2008
What makes bullet resistant glass look like paper.
lol that 50 cal ripped that guy apart
by weavile22 July 04, 2011
Only the biggest, baddest, deadliest,most feared bullet out there. In other words, it will fuck you up.
50 cal. bullets will blow your head off.
by JMANCENTRAL9143 February 14, 2015
When getting head and then cumming onto a spot on the girls face, preferrable on the forehead. Then smacking her with your dick
-Dude, this bitch was sucking my dick, then i 50 caled her.

-No way, was it a head shot?
-Yea, right between the eyes.
by Dipset330 September 29, 2009
Another term for a hater.
"Yo, that kid is a 50 cal. Let's bounce."
by Dsperado June 12, 2008

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