benjamin a sweet kind loving guy is what he tries to appear as but is a creeper/stalker he is the kind of guy that will peek in your window when you are sleeping
omg theres a benjamin peeking in my window
by evenbiggerdick October 07, 2012
Eats shit like a champion and gets in bed with a lot of men and woman. Likes handcrafted dildos and masturbating to hot men blowing each other. Is super hot and is a magnet for sluts.
Look at that Benjamin fap!
Those hookers are fair game to be Benjamin'ed.
by dfjksdkjb December 26, 2012
The biggest flirt ever. He thinks he can get away with

flirting with any and every girl he meets. He often

makes girls feel played. He can be sweet, but his sweetness
is not genuine but rather rehearsed.
person 1:you're such an asshole

person 2: I prefer the term benjamin
by ilikedogs865 August 20, 2011
a lovely guy when you first meet- however, do not be fooled! he is ruled solely through his penis and will leave you constantly paranoid by hiding his relationship with other girls.

a lying, deceitful coward who will stand by while your heart breaks- and simply flick a switch and move on, leaving you broken.
Girl 1: this benjamin sure is a nice guy.. i think i'll go for it.
Girl 2: see that girl over there crying? yeah, he fucked her over last week. i wouldn't.
by LittleOne2011 December 04, 2011
Some dude who gets too much whoopie!
Damn, Benjamin just tapped that one bitch!
by Geekuh February 03, 2010
Cute awsomely awsome dude that loves to play and is always nice to everybody has five cousins and loves to share and play with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Benjamin is the funnest awsome dude in the entire world loves always is happy and loves bubbles!!!!!!!!
by happy cousin sam April 11, 2009
Similar to the ever-popular, but often maligned "Rusty Muppet", the Benjamin involves one partner standing with ankles grasped, while the other inserts as much of his hand and forearm as possible into the partners anus. The receiving partner then stands upright, while being manipulated like a puppet.
All the kids thought it was hilarious when I got the Benjamin at the birthday party!
by Muckerfuther March 28, 2010

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