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It's what I just sank.
I just sank your battleship.
by Hijikata August 29, 2014
Two guys masturbate while facing each other. Both guys simultaneously ejaculate on each other causing a blast and splash.
Bobby and his lover like to battleship once and awhile after a hard days work.
by Idontthinkso February 17, 2014
When two or more person's are located in the same area and are communicating back and forth online through lap top computers (appearing like the game BattleShip).

When you post something on someone's news-feed (etc.) that would be an example of sinking their ship.

Also if you overload a person with notifications you have just "sank their ship".

The cause of this action will lead to LOLing, or LOL circles with your Battleship members.
"Damn it Kelly, you're Sinking my Battleships."


"Dude when we get home you wanna Sink Battleships?!"


"Let's all just sink Elliot's Battleships when we get home."
by AverageDyke October 19, 2011
A big boat that has giant guns to blow apart other boats.
The Yamato was the biggest battleship ever.
by a random person in NY July 10, 2008
The great act of peeing on the floaters in your crapper.

"What took you so long in there?" battleship
"I crapped a little and then played battleship"
"Any luck?"
"I sunk my aircraft carrier!"
by sturdiboy March 06, 2008
When two people use laptops across from each other at a small table.
Kathleen and I are going to the coffee shop to play some battleship.
by itsdrewmiller October 27, 2007
(n.) A female who is currently in a relationship and goes out to a venue known primarily for single people where she is simply there to sink your pride, your wallet, and your time.
As the night went on, I found out that cute girl I was talking to was a battleship. Man, I was sunk.
by ThatsRicci August 21, 2007