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When a woman has a pair of breasts that are not only remarkably large in size, but are well shapen, and seem to bounce well when she is in motion. When you see big ass titties, it's usually accompanied by a large boner which will last you several minutes until you beat off.
Mike: Yo jamal, you see dem big ass titties?
Jamal: Yeah, I needa go to the bathroom now and beat off!
by Jon Crock July 08, 2006
means what it is called; BIG fucking boobys; A girl or possibly a fat or kind of chunky guy with some big boobs or man boobs
Wow Jessica Simpson has Big ass tittys!

That girl has fucking Big ass tittys man!

That fuckin fat ass over there has some bug ass tittys
by The Champion December 18, 2004
larger than life fun bags,
ashley kalbaugh, has big ass titties
by tit smacker 46 December 01, 2011
Exclamation of joy and excitement; Especially in instance of extreme impending awesomeness. First referenced in the film Tropic Thunder
Bigass Titties!
by That Bitch Iyellow March 25, 2009

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