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adj. Worn, stained, or warped by or as if by exposure to weather; seasoned: a roof of weathered shingles.

Yo mamma's face is real weathered because she's been outside too much
by Rokhsanna December 18, 2005
7 1
adj. or verb used to describe someone who has not aged well.
Dude, did you see Heather, she has really weathered.
by citizendc December 30, 2008
5 0
1. An exclamation, most times uttered by third party members, used when someone had just received a serious insult from another person and chances of returning with a good comeback are slim.

2. Used also when an inanimate object in conjunction with a human makes the human appear stupid and the inanimate object superior.
1. "Dude, you're shirt sucks." "That's not what you're mom thinks." " OUU Weathered!"

2. *Girl bangs into door*
Friends: "Hahahah you just got weathered by the door." or "That door just weathered you."
by AlThePal November 20, 2011
4 1
Also Weath. The after effects of alcohol or drugs.
She had a lot to drink last night, she was weathered.
by Weathered, Weath May 23, 2009
7 4