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The act of exposing the male genitalia after lifting the scrotum over the entire penis towards the stomach. This forms a half globe of hairy scrotum skin, affectionately known as The Hemisphere.
I discovered the Hemisphere the other day while washing my under-scrotum in the shower.

I heard my roommate about to come into the room, so I got a nice hemisphere ready for him. Turns out it was his girlfriend, instead. My bad.

The Hemisphere is a personal favorite. When no one's looking, prepare it quickly, and they'll have a pleasant surprise waiting for them when they notice.
by Jakenastics March 11, 2009
v., lesbian slang, to engage in a rather lofty boobjob
Patricia, darling, I will hemisphere you within an inch of your life. Prepare yourself.
by Memetan August 18, 2006
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