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3 definitions by smokeabowl

Whiskey and Gravy, best served hot.
I just drank a was hot and delicious. It burned on the way down, but I still liked it.
by smokeabowl April 05, 2008
9 4
The act of using a one-hitter or dugout and a bat in order to smoke marijuana.
Hey Chris, JJ and I are going out for a game of baseball.
by smokeabowl November 16, 2006
42 49
A very large amount of chewing tobacco or dip
Today my friend was eating some shredded jerky and the teacher was like "Is that chew?" He said "No way nigga its jerky". So my teacher goes "Oh ok, I don't mind if you eat it, but I don't want you putting it in your lip and walking around like your packing a big ol hoss".
by smokeabowl October 23, 2007
8 37