Baseball is the greatest sport in the world. It takes extreme concentration and you have to be patient.It is my personal favorite sport, and americas national pastime.A true baseball player would tell you that you will never have a bigger adrenaline ruch in your entire life, than the feeling you get when you hit a homerun, and i agree with that 100 percent. The game is often called boring, but dont listen to that, thats just what people what ADD say and cant stay focussed to play a great sport.
Baseball is the greatest sport ever.
by baseballplayer37 March 17, 2006
A sport that most people reject these days, because it has nothing to do with lacrosse. Also, people say they hate people who play it because the sport is too "slow and boring."

The bitches don't realize professional lax gives you enough money to get passed taxes. On the other hand, if your a professional baseball player, you get enough money to buy 3 fucking countries.

UBB-Ultimate Baseball Bro
Lax player Earns.....5$ a game

Baseball player earns........over 5000$ a game.

Who do the girls like now?
by DUUUuuuuUUUuuuuUUUUDDee March 17, 2011
hitting on a person of the opposite gender; an extension of the physical stages in a relationship defined as first base, second base, third base, and homerun. Can be used as a noun or a verb.
Person1: Yesterday, my friend broke the bro code. He played baseball instead of coming with me to the concert.
by Hofstadter February 10, 2010
The best game ever created. A game that takes exceptional athleticism, exceptional knowledge of the game, and intelligence. The only sport in which you can succeed 30% of the time and be considered great. That in itself shows how difficult of a sport it is to play. Many people argue that hitting a baseball is the most difficult thing to do in all of sports. Now whether you disagree or agree, there is no question that hitting a 90+ MPH baseball is extremely difficult and takes a great amount of skill. Not to mention the ball can curve, cut, sink, slide, etc. Also, throwing a baseball is one of the most unnatural things that your body can do, and throwing it with great velocity is a very special thing that very few can do. The most difficult sport to play (except maybe for golf) by far. Anybody can pick up a basketball or a football and be decent at it without ever practicing, that does not apply in baseball. You either can play the game, or you can't. Bottomline: it is America's favorite pastime and always will be. It's more than just a game, it's a way of life.
Derek Jeter is one of the greatest hitters in baseball in recent memory.
by pabdbomb August 24, 2006
America's pastime, and a sport that does actually involve effort, skill, determination, and fitness. For all those assholes that say "soccer" is the only sport that involves all of these traits, well fuck you. Just because you lawn fairies have never even tried the sport of baseball doesn't mean you can pretend you're to most athletic person on the planet. I'd like to see you outrun Alex Rodriguez. Beat David Ortiz in an arm wrestle. I dare you.
Naive soccer player: Hey, Mr. Baseball, your sport is retarded, and involves no skill.

Mr. Baseball: Suck my dick.
by catcherspwn June 02, 2010
baseball is a game in which extreme amounts of mental toughness/concentration are needed in order to play successfully, also known as america's pastime.
a player on a baseball field has to be ready for the ball to be hit to them every single pitch. Lets say you don't have the ball hit your way the entire game until the final inning (9th in MLB) after being mentaly prepared for roughly 150 pitches (2 and a half hours, give or take) without seeing it come your way, in that play you drop the ball causing your team to lose...extremely taxing on the mind, do not ever say this game is easy until you try this.
by AClancy March 19, 2008
A very difficult and amazing game, played by some of the greatest athletes in the world and if you think its boring youre retarded. This game is so difficult the failure rate is 7/10 times, if youre someone who doesnt like baseball and bashes it saying its easy then you obviously havent played or tried to pitch to buster posey, matt kemp, juan uribe, or andre ethier, or tried to hit a clayton kershaw 97 mph fastball. Do that well then say its easy.
Person 1: "Wow did you see that Kershaw struck out Howie Kendrick on 3 pitches!"

Person 2: "Yeah thats what happens when you throw 95 mph its baseball magic."
by Verhine March 13, 2011
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