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Broke people giving away their money so rich people don't go broke.
Every taxpayer would have to pay over $6000 for this bailout!
by Marcus Sweets September 24, 2008
To cheese it, as in run away, or get out of the way quickly
i had to bail out of the exploding car
by matt d June 10, 2004
September 2008 plan to try and rescue the US markets from crisis with 700 billion dollars. Eventually passed in October with attachments by congressment for another $150 billion, totaling $850B. A giant fiasco opposed by most economists, see also "we're fucked."
Doesn't matter if I screw up my whole life, I'm going to try and get a government bailout.
by Nate2269 October 06, 2008
Money for people that had too much and lost it on foolish investments. Typically screws everyone else in at least three ways.
1) They waste our money
2) They ruin the economy
3) You have to pay more taxes to make up for it
GWB: People say bailout, but I don't think it's a bailout.
Everyone else: It's a bailout.
by Alisson September 20, 2008
What industry executives petition the government to pay out of tax-payer coffers when they don't have enough capital to pay themselves their annual million dollar bonus.
CEO: Sales are down for the 15th quarter straight. Our product is not in demand. We have to lay off workers.

CFO: Better ask congress for a bail out so we can get our bonus.
by Kifoka February 04, 2009
A process by which a gigantic turd is pulled out of the toilet, stinking up the room and getting shit everywhere instead of simply being flushed.
I took a dump so large that I had to pull a Bailout. I wish I didn't.
by An ony mous October 20, 2008
Give me a fucking break; literally and figuratively
Yo man, I've made some terrible decisions over and over again, but I don't want to be held accountable for my actions. Can you give me a bailout?

by CommonCents December 15, 2008
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