A sarcastic word meaning you are broke and in need of money; Referring to the government bailouts, in which large amounts of money were given/loaned to the Banks and Auto Industry. Neither endorsing or opposing the government bailout.
-Dude, I'm so broke, I really need a bailout!
-That company just went under! They really need a bailout!
by westernwishes February 08, 2009
In Programming, giving up and running away before anyone realizes that your code has gone into an infinite loop and won't come out.
John had to bail out when his code went south, before he got Uber Pwnd by the boss.
by danag July 05, 2006
What schecklemensch expect when their irresponsible and greedy management decisions come back to bite them in the pocketbook.
The schecklemensch told Algelides that they just missed the basic concept that the housing market would not continue to rise so they needed a bailout to keep their bonuses in tact.
by ktedidit January 15, 2010
In British rail enthusiasts terms to bail out is a short term planning route alteration or a move enforced upon the individual due to unforseen circumstances.
1 - There was a chance to ride behind Deltic 55009 so we bailed out at Doncaster.

2 - The line was blocked between St Germans and Menheniot so we had to bail out at Plymouth.
by swineyvee October 11, 2006
In Programming: to terminate an excecution pattern on the basis of some error condition.
"No, no, you want to BAIL OUT after you run the stack-trace."
by mainframe October 31, 2003
A process in which a giant turd is removed from the toilet thus stinking up the room rather than simply flushing it away.
Bail Out-removing a turd from the toilet
by patricknn May 21, 2010
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