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A sarcastic word meaning you are broke and in need of money; Referring to the government bailouts, in which large amounts of money were given/loaned to the Banks and Auto Industry. Neither endorsing or opposing the government bailout.
-Dude, I'm so broke, I really need a bailout!
-That company just went under! They really need a bailout!
by westernwishes February 08, 2009
A Subway, EL, or other people moving train that is known for muggings and thefts. Named after the 'People Mover' in Detroit, MI, which is now known better as the 'Mugger Mover'.
Dude, I'm Screwed, my car isn't working...I think I'm going to have to take the Mugger Mover.
by westernwishes February 08, 2009
Shit in past-tense
The dog shat about an hour ago.
by westernwishes February 08, 2009
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