Creating rhymes day and night !

Everyone wants some BSP.

Why? Because BSP has game!
Game tighter than fixodent tight nigga.

Choose BSP and listen today!
Guy: "Did you hear that crafty rhyme?"
Cooze: "Fuck yeah, BSP made that shit."
by kswte March 10, 2009
Big Scary Penis

When the size of the man's penis is too large to be considered good.
"I used to date this guy, but he had a BSP that I just couldn't deal with"
by Naked Camel August 30, 2009
B*** Sex Pyramid
A sexual right of passage popular in the Midwest, particularly in the 32nd state.
Last night was crazy. We all went to the Crimson Shed, got drunk, went back to Erich's and made a BSP!
by Rick Klunck November 03, 2008
The greatest producers, rappers and musicians that no one's heard of.
BSP rules.
by luser March 26, 2004
a crew which stands for Best Soccer Players. this crew involves the curly headed guy,and some other dark ass people. They are the gayest ,hating, mo-fos known in Waukegan,IL. They are super homo, and always hating on S.x.C's swagg.
guy; That crew ,B.S.P, is kinda gay right?

Me; Hell yeah. The gayest.
by Nokia 3000 August 23, 2009
Acronym for "Butt Sex Parade." See BST except add music and movement through a public place.
"Did you see that BST go through town last week?"
by Boots April 25, 2004
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