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Shaved Pussy is a term used for a pussy that has been shaved BALD. Not trimmed or little hitler. The end results leaves the area smooth and a whole lot cleaner. More and More men favor women with shaved pussy. The reason most men prefer shaved pussy is to avoid the "Popcorn Hull effect". (Hair stuck in the base of the throat or a base of tounge)
Shaved Pussy is better to eat!
by Doug Hightower September 03, 2005
A shaved pussy is a sign of a true slut. It allows for beeter orgasms because her clit is totally exposed.
Kathy has been shaving her pussy since she was 17. Her uncle told her it was sexy because it made her look younger. She found that it felt better when he (or anyone else) was fucking her because her clit got more stimulation. She also loves wearing very short skirts and dresses out in public and "accidently" exposing her bald little pussy and ass (she NEVER wears panties). A couple weeks ago she was walking into work on a very windy day. 3 men were by the door smoking and her little dress blew up way past her hips and she didnt even try to cover up. When she got next to them one of them cupped her sexy 50 year old ass and another rubbed her wet shaved pussy. She moaned and let them lead her to a storage shed. They took turns pumping her married cunt and ass and filling her with cum.
by btld January 04, 2008
vulva is shaved, the area on the flat of the abdomen just above the mons may not be, or maybe shaved in a pattern such as a Gucci symbol, a landing strip, a heart or the boyfriend's initial(s)
She has a shaved pussy with "JH" carved just above her mons.
by Jake March 06, 2004

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