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A person who everyone wants to have sex with, and most likely will.

Mosienko can usually be summed up in one word: sex.

However, Mosienkos are also known for being sexilicious and in popular demand, this usually leads to wild, drunken licentious festivity and revelry. In other words: sex orgies.

Girl: "OMG, did you see that hot piece of ass?
Girl2: "Yeah, he's a total Mosienko, but I already tapped that. ;)"

Guy: "Holy FUCK, that WAS a great Mosienko."
#sexilicious #hooker #sex #ass #manorexia #model #orgy
by kswte March 04, 2009
Creating rhymes day and night !

Everyone wants some BSP.

Why? Because BSP has game!
Game tighter than fixodent tight nigga.

Choose BSP and listen today!
Guy: "Did you hear that crafty rhyme?"
Cooze: "Fuck yeah, BSP made that shit."
#white #cooze #game #custy #bitches #bone
by kswte March 10, 2009
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