British petroleum. basically, its the company that had that big oil spill.
wow, bp really messed up this time didnt they?
by hobble3312 June 23, 2010
abbreviation for butt piss (chronic diarrhea that literally shoots from the rear in liquid form). In Oregon trail days it would have been a prime indicator of the onslaught of dysentary. Often accompanied by machine gun like fart sequences. Also occurs when subjected to an extremely low carb diet. Food (or remnants of it) may be semi-identifiable when the process is completed. If ignored, may result in a hardcore shart.
I'm going to have to refrain from Long John Silver's tonight because I really don't want to have a BP attack while we're at the bar.

I'm sorry but I really need you to cover for me before this BP transitions into a shart.
by sarah Binny July 10, 2008
British Petroleum, a petrol filling station.
"Dude, you're low on petrol, there's a BP there why don't you fill up?"
by Soiled Undergarment August 13, 2003
b!p stands for boy pussy. It is usually used during fanfitcion and roleplaying.
Finn rammed his cock in Kurt's b!p. "God you're pussy is so tight." He moaned.
by lisilly January 19, 2012
"Bella Pregnancy" AKA " B.P"
B.P. - Used when someone is so skinny that their body resembles Bella Swan in the 'Breaking Dawn-Part 1' movie and how skinny she was throughout the duration of her 1/2 vampire, 1/2 human pregnancy.
" I-K-R. It's so tradge. She looks identical to Bella in Breaking Dawn..."
by minnsilvercatcat November 23, 2011
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