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diarrhia or the most liquidy sort.
i hate the acrid smell of butt piss
by minghi April 26, 2003
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1. Literally expelling urine from one's ass after having the urine injected into the anus during the act of a pistol star.
2. A specific type of diarrhea, wherein the contents of one's ass is expelled in a liquified, piss-like manner.
Paul was buttpissing all night after the girls all gave him a good pistol star.

Grant had to seriously buttpiss the morning after Joey gave him a pistol star for his birthday.
by Lovely_Lolita August 31, 2013
Diarrhea, or liquid shit that comes out of your ass. Sometimes occurs when eating Mexican food, eggs, or drinking too much whole milk. Akin to shitting a lot of Yoo-Hoo.
Holy fuckin shit dude, your mom's egg casserole gave me some SERIOUS buttpiss!!
by bobbydone November 23, 2006
when stools exit the body in a highly liquified, and often projectile, state. AKA Diarhea...coined by BirminghamStang of a popular V6 Mustang site
I at a big burrito and the buttpiss was horrendus....
by Chris Strickland November 23, 2006

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