B.P. for all the Bengalis is short for Bunni Power... it is translated Breast Power its used to describe women with Big Boobs
Kash: B.P. alert bp alert

Modhu: Where

Kash: to ur left

Modhu: Yaw thats wot i call BP
by ak.shif September 03, 2009
Abbreviation for bipolar disorder. Further specification may be added to the diagnosis with roman numerals I through VI.
"She's been diagnosed with BP II."
"Ahhhh. THAT explains it."
by lp March 24, 2005
Short for baby prostitute.
I'm reading 'Go Ask Alice', I'm at the part where she meets the bp from San Fransisco
by lipstickjungle March 13, 2008
Short for, BITCH PLEASE!
"You're a fugly ass slut, have him!"

"BP I dont want your man!"
by Littleeddyy January 02, 2010
Brass Plum. Fashions for teens at Nordstrom.
Compare prices on BP-shoes, Women's Boots and save.
by NakoTaco January 19, 2009
1. N. British Petroleum


1. The most recognized synonym for "Fuck"

2. N. Implying complete and utter confusion

3. N. a really stupid person

4. V. To procreate but have a ugly baby

5. Int. Expresses disgust

6. Int. Expresses complete suprise

7. v. to mess up, destroy, mangle, etc. (used with suffix -ed)
8. a general insult

9. v. to cover yourself in oil as to get sick. "Fuck yourself"
1. Oh BP me!

2. Go BP all over yourself.

3. he is soo BP'd.

4. BP you, asshole!

5. i don't give a BP.

6. BP yourself.

7. he BP'd up the car really badly.

8. He BP'd me in right in the ass!

9. Oh BP!
by Steve Ouch June 21, 2010
BP: Baby Prostitute; Someone under the age of 18 that has sex for money.
I found condoms in my roommates droor; i later found out she is a BP
by MangoSake December 07, 2009

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