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She is the cutest girl on earth,
she is gorgeous,pretty hot and she turns me on
i love her....alot
i would never forget bout her....
Reyna: hahah
Babe: i gues im ur bitch
by Babe8691 April 16, 2009
she is the girl
the only girl
she is life
the only life
the meaning
the matter
the only meaning that matters
to me
reyna i do things for u id neva do for anyone not even myself.....i put u above myself

i guess its love lol
by Hollow Dreamz March 30, 2009
In spanish Reyna means QUEEN
they are beautiful and are great to be around!but one thing they are sex crazy!
hey my name is reyna

by lindarset April 15, 2009
1. She is gorgeous, pretty hot and she turns guys on easily.

2. She is rather shy, it takes her a while to open up, but when she does she’s a great person.

3. She is intelligent and fun to be around.

4. She’s filled with love and care.

5. She’s over all the whole package.

6. But one thing they are sex crazy!

7. Once you meet her, you wont forget her..
Reyna, is the most amazing girl I ever met..
by AFIstar November 28, 2011
Any guy would be lucky to have her.
I screwed up, and it was the biggest mistake of my life to let her go.
Person 1- Boy, you've got yourself a real Reyna there.

Person 2- I Know<3
by Dumb boy December 01, 2011
Reyna is character from the series The Heroes of Olympus. Shes motherfuckin queen of New Rome. Her official title is praetor but that makes it seem like shes the prey when shes actually the killer. Reyna is also Jason Grace's baby mama, no matter if Jason is dating Piper that's okay Jeyna is still canon. Reyna one time asked Percy Jackson if he wanted to bang but he said no and now shes wants his head on a pole to raise high above the Romans she leads with Octavian by her side giving her tips. Reyna is fierce like motherfuckin puma.
Octavian: Okay but make me praetor biatch.
Percy Jackson: Thats why Reyna's hair is so big, it's full of Romans.
Jason Grace: hottie 10/10 would bang
by jasongraced December 09, 2012
The most amazing cutest, beautifully gorgeous, awesomoniumliest girl ever who deals with her boyfriend for saying stupid stuff i think but he is not aware of ha;).
by theBoss15 January 01, 2012
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