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A young girl who's not old enough to be a slut, but she is one.
Janis: What is this smell?
Cady: Oh, Regina gave me some perfume.
Janis: You smell like a baby prostitute.
Cady: Thanks!
by Rayffle April 22, 2009
Prostitutes who are still naive enough to think they can cover up their shame and stench of bad decisions by pouring on perfume. They aren't hardened by their career choice they still have hope.
Nicholas walks through the office smelling like a baby prostitute.
by PinupVader January 31, 2014
an underaged prostitute, often a kid or adolescent.
"I was so horny I decided to fuck a baby prostitute even though that's probably illegal!"
by Renny February 12, 2005
Grown adults who shop at the baby gap
Loryn is a baby prostitute
by Lauren Grae February 21, 2009

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