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A face that can be used after proving someone wrong, agreeing with someone or making someone feel like a dumbass. (same thing as proving them wrong, but oh well.)
Bob: 2 + 2= 5.
Troy: No it doesn't.
Bob: Oh, yeah? Prove it.
Troy: *holds up 4 fingers* How many groups of 2 do I have?
Bob: 2- Oh...
Troy: Yeah, that's what I thought. BD

Chris: Isn't Ms. Trevors HAWT?!
Ricky: Ho ho ho Ohhhhh yeeeaaaahhhh. BD
by allergictobullshit May 02, 2010
n. abbreviation, "Baby Dance": Sex, copulation Source: bbs.babycenter.com
We bd'ed every night this past week and weekend (w/ the condoms w/holes).
by Dirk Kendricksen June 02, 2004
bd originating from a simple gesture meaning "two thumbs up"

Look at your hands when you are giving two thumbs up, what letters do they look like? bd
Talking online to a friend:
friend 1 - "Dude, I just bought a new truck!"
friend 2 - "bd"
by Q August 18, 2004
Bulldozer - A female who is fat and ugly
she's such a bd
by tally546 July 27, 2011
a Bull Dyke. An overly masculine woman who enjoys fixing cars, wearing over-sized flannel shirts, and other dude things
Maria: Hey, Ray, look at that ugly dude over there in the check-out line

Ray: LMAO thats no dude thats a hardcore BD, DAMN.
by RayRizzle87 December 25, 2010
abbreviation for big dick used by female or gay students when writing notes abt a third party who either is erect or just has a large johnson visible thru his shorts or pants by wrinkling or excessive bulging
note on desk (girl A to girl B): damn nick d. must have a boner!
B to A on note: ya prob did you see him starin down tess's shirt .....she should stop wearing lacy bras under those white school polos

A to B: ik wat a slut i heard shes not a virgin

B to A: omg follow his stare!!!!
A to B: her nipples are practically out!!!!
B to A: ya NOW he has a boner!!!!
A to B: wow seriously BD!!!!!!
by damngirltouchme June 21, 2010
Brain Damaged due to drugs or Alcohol.
Person 1: oh man dude you are so BD.

Person 2: Ya i had so much weed last night.
by tberry April 21, 2010