n. abbreviation, "Baby Dance": Sex, copulation Source:
We bd'ed every night this past week and weekend (w/ the condoms w/holes).
by Dirk Kendricksen June 02, 2004
A bustdown
A hoe a girl who suck dick
by memee October 27, 2003
When a girl wants and craves the black d
"She's wants the BD"

"Fam that girl is so BD"
by Horsebd December 19, 2013
Bulldozer - A female who is fat and ugly
she's such a bd
by tally546 July 27, 2011
a Bull Dyke. An overly masculine woman who enjoys fixing cars, wearing over-sized flannel shirts, and other dude things
Maria: Hey, Ray, look at that ugly dude over there in the check-out line

Ray: LMAO thats no dude thats a hardcore BD, DAMN.
by RayRizzle87 December 25, 2010
When one is making conversation and the other member fail to answer and simply leaves without excuse.

Stands for Big Douche
Boy: Hey!
Girl: Hey!
Boy: What's up?
Girl: *Offline*
Boy 2: Dude, you just got BD'd so hard!
by Joemaan December 20, 2010
Big Deal
Im Going To A Mariana's Concert Its Such A Bd
by Dailsz September 18, 2010

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