a Bull Dyke. An overly masculine woman who enjoys fixing cars, wearing over-sized flannel shirts, and other dude things
Maria: Hey, Ray, look at that ugly dude over there in the check-out line

Ray: LMAO thats no dude thats a hardcore BD, DAMN.
by RayRizzle87 December 25, 2010
When one is making conversation and the other member fail to answer and simply leaves without excuse.

Stands for Big Douche
Boy: Hey!
Girl: Hey!
Boy: What's up?
Girl: *Offline*
Boy 2: Dude, you just got BD'd so hard!
by Joemaan December 20, 2010
The absolute best sandwich ever created at Burger King that is scrumdiddlyumptious and only one dollar, also known as the Buck Double, but better known as BD or plural as BD's.
person 1: lets go to BK and get some BD's.
Person 2: yeah, fo sho I love BD's
by Guntle September 23, 2010
abbreviation for big dick used by female or gay students when writing notes abt a third party who either is erect or just has a large johnson visible thru his shorts or pants by wrinkling or excessive bulging
note on desk (girl A to girl B): damn nick d. must have a boner!
B to A on note: ya prob did you see him starin down tess's shirt .....she should stop wearing lacy bras under those white school polos

A to B: ik wat a slut i heard shes not a virgin

B to A: omg follow his stare!!!!
A to B: her nipples are practically out!!!!
B to A: ya NOW he has a boner!!!!
A to B: wow seriously BD!!!!!!
by damngirltouchme June 21, 2010
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