pornography shorthand. refers to bondage and/or discipline related stories.
This story has BD content. Bondadge is involved in the sex scenes.
by lemonlime December 08, 2004
Abbreviation for Big Deal
Don't worry, it's no BD.
by Lizzie October 10, 2004
Bomb Delicious

When eating or Experiencing something extraordinary at that moment in time.
Man that cheeseburger was BD!!!
Man that cheeseburger was Bomb Delicious.

That girl was BD

Those shoes are BD
by Jon Gee July 10, 2009
Adjective used to describe twinks - adolescent looking gay men - typically of Asian descent. Usually seen wearing lip gloss and tight t-shirts.
BD Wong
You're so BD.
by Curious Observer August 22, 2008
Baby Dick
Penis which is unusually small. e.g. 5 inches or shorter
"That guy's packing a BD. I saw it in the shower"
"Man I wish I didn't have a BD. People laugh at me!!"
"Will my BD always be a BD???"
by B@D B0Y October 17, 2009
This is the only thing BD means, not any of these other definations: Its the abbreviation for BustDown, which only means hot girl you want to fuck
That chicks a BD.
by Mike D, thats me February 10, 2009
1. an acronym used for a various number of words, the first word usually starting with a 'B' and the second word starting with a 'D'
some acronyms include BD, baby daddy, boulevard, and my personal favorite, baby dick, which describes a close personal friend of mine.
by sittenfeld September 02, 2008

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