an expression used in text messaging to represent a "thumbs up". The b as the right hand and the d being the left.
I get to see you today b d
by AnnaBananabd January 13, 2009
Verb: butt dial
i didn't mean to actually call you, i just bd'd you
by wherzwaldo July 06, 2011
Stands for "Big Dick". A term usually used by those that overcompensate.
Colen: How's it going guys?
Tom: Holy crap its B.D. Colen! He's like me. Cuz we both have B.D.'s! -cries self to sleep-
by iamphil September 29, 2009
This is hte abbriviation of the Words Baby Daddy. Referring to the Father of your child.
I was on the phone with B.D. He asked about the kids
by StarrStudded February 01, 2009
n. abbreviation, "Baby Dance": Sex, copulation Source:
We bd'ed every night this past week and weekend (w/ the condoms w/holes).
by Dirk Kendricksen June 02, 2004
A bustdown
A hoe a girl who suck dick
by memee October 27, 2003
When a girl wants and craves the black d
"She's wants the BD"

"Fam that girl is so BD"
by Horsebd December 19, 2013
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