bd originating from a simple gesture meaning "two thumbs up"

Look at your hands when you are giving two thumbs up, what letters do they look like? bd
Talking online to a friend:
friend 1 - "Dude, I just bought a new truck!"
friend 2 - "bd"
by Q August 18, 2004
Bulldozer - A female who is fat and ugly
she's such a bd
by tally546 July 27, 2011
When one is making conversation and the other member fail to answer and simply leaves without excuse.

Stands for Big Douche
Boy: Hey!
Girl: Hey!
Boy: What's up?
Girl: *Offline*
Boy 2: Dude, you just got BD'd so hard!
by Joemaan December 20, 2010
Big Deal
Im Going To A Mariana's Concert Its Such A Bd
by Dailsz September 18, 2010
an abbreviation for baby dick
damn that guy got a bd!!!
by t-heeee June 29, 2010
1.(n) big dick
calm down! don't get a bd
by oldcorn October 21, 2008
French word for comic books.
Dude: Gimme your BDs.
Dude: No way.
by Lil_Jul May 31, 2008

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