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theres really only one saying that fits what kind of disgrace this man has done to america...

bombing for peace, is like fucking for virginity
that guy is a total fraud, he is doing one thing in search for a totally different... hey, wait... THATS BUSH

by fizz December 30, 2004
scary, Donald Trump wannabee, who teaches English at Rocky Hill School
Mr. Tukey is a capitalist bastard.
by Fizz June 02, 2004
A term used by potheads to describe a desire to smoke copius amounts of marijuana.
Yo bro, lets go rock the gange!
by Fizz March 16, 2005
Wore, camwhore, fan girl. Someone who lives under your bed waiting for sex.
Yeah, there’s a Majinchick under my bed.
by Fizz February 26, 2003
Similar to the traditional reverse vampire, the PURV must only be out during sunlight and dies in the dark. Sadely, the PURV does not have super-human strength or any form of charismatic animal magnatism. The PURV is has below average strength and is afraid of women or men depending the the PURV's gender.
Let's go out around midnight, so there is no chance of running into a paralell universe reverse vampire.
by FIZZ March 16, 2005
the 420th wonder of the smoking word...
a 2 1/5 foot pyrex steamroller made from old chemical tubbing.....
full name Bunson Althouse....
has also been seen fixed to a bong to creat the ultimate hybrid, The Bunong or Bongson.
Yo dude, wanna smoke a joint. Nah, lets do a 2-man Bunson session and get retarded.
by FIZZ March 16, 2005
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