He is the frontman for Guns n' Roses. The only orginal bandmember left, and one of only 2 members from GNR's heyday left, the other one being keyboardist dizzy reed. He is right behind Robert Plant and Ozzy Osbourne for the title of greatest metal frontman ever, and had he produced more music, I'm sure he'd be on top. He is known for his high, powerful voice, his stage presence, his trademark tights and bandana, his wildness, and his occasional sentimental side.
He was born in Indiana in 1962 as William Bruce Rose Jr. When he was a baby, his abusive birth father left the family and he was renamed William Bruce Bailley for his stepfather, who beat up him & his mom and molested him at 2. As a teenager, he got tired of his stepfather, his town, and his fundamentalist christian upbringing, and left for LA. He wanted to drop his stepfather's name, but didn't want his dad's name (apparently his dad beat his mom while she was pregnant with him) so he became W. Axl Rose.
In LA, while in Hollywood Rose (a band) he met up with childhood friend Izzy Stradlin, who was in LA Guns. There were various lineup shuffles, and eventually Izzy and Axl formed Guns n' Roses. After several more lineup changes, GNR emerged with Duff McKagan, Steven Adler, and Slash. They became local fav's, and soon signed a contract for Appetite for Destruction. This album was a huge hit, going multi-platinum. The next album, GNR Lies, was big too, despite controversy over One in a Million. The band's hugeness reached a peak with the Use Your Illusion albums. However, conflicts were tearing them appart, 5th album "The Spaghetti Incident" was pretty weak, and eventually Axl was kicked out by duff and slash. 3 days later he sued to get the band's name, and won, then kicked out everyone except dizzy reed. He's brought in countless replacements to work on Chinese Democracy, and play shows when he feels like it. He recently made the news for a barfight with Tommy Hilfiger at Rosario Dawson's birthday party. He has quit drugs, after the experience of being clinically dead for 10 minutes. He likes live concerts, supermodels, and the quest for inner peace.
Don't fuck with Axl Rose.
by kingofcanada September 15, 2006
The man who drove apart one of if not the greatest band of all time, becoming a power-hungry, self-centered imbecile. Released an album under Guns N' Roses despite the fact that it should have been called "Axl N' Friends" Named by some as "king of the douchebags"

See also: douchebag
Person 1: Hey did you hear the new Guns N' Roses album Axl Rose finally released, Chinease Democracy?

Person 2: What are you talking abo...Oh you mean the Axl N' Friends album. No, I didnt feel like listening to King Douchebag's shitty replacement for the greatest band of all time
by Chucktacular December 07, 2011
everyone's favourite asshole
axl rose is an asshole. what more can be said?
by Iskander April 23, 2007
The world's greatest singer and the world's greatest asshole at the same time. The definition of tortured genius. Amen.
''Dude, why the fuck did you just haul that bathtub out the window?''

''Because I'm Axl Rose and I do whatever the fuck I want! I AM GOD! WORSHIP ME!''
by Sikki Nixx September 10, 2006
Synonym for douchebag.
Look at that douchebag over there, he's a real Axl Rose.
by Dr. Dick E May 11, 2009
Anagram for "oral sex". This is how the name was derived.
The letters in the words "oral sex" can be re-arranged to spell "Axl Rose".
by Vikingr May 01, 2009
Someone who's friends have left him because he has become too obnoxious and big headed. And then he acts like he left the group, and wasn't kicked out. He tries to build a new group to replace the old one, but with mediocre versions of the same people.
"Look at that jackass with all the weirdos around him"
"Yeah, he used to hang with us til we Axl Rose'd his ass."
by darkabove April 30, 2005

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