1.frontman for late 80's/early 90's hard rock band guns n roses,known for having a short temper and generally being a ginger haired cry baby,leaving/gigs for the most pathetic reasons

2.someone who won't do something for the most pathetic of reasons,term inspired by guns n roses frontman
1."thanks to the lame ass security i'm going home"

2.bill "i can't work on this computer because the keyboard is the wrong colour i'm leaving"
jim "dude that is so axl rose"
by xmidnightsunx January 13, 2007
a man that defines the word "Ego". he treats his fans like shit, and only shows up at concerts whenever he feels like it.
Gun N Roses would've been legends if Axl could just keep his ego in check.
by V1cious July 08, 2004
A pretty good lead singer turned dumbass. Slash owns Axl, Velvet Revolver owns the new Guns N' Roses. Axl is now a fat wigger bastard that has corn rows in his hair. Axl : Slash :: Shit : Pro
Axl Rose sucks major dick.
by EVH February 19, 2005
An arrogant asshole from the band Guns N' Roses who has anger problems. Loves to start fights for the hell of it. Very obnoxious.
All of Axl Rose's fans should get their fucking heads blown off, for they are arrogant, corporate dickriders.
by Axl Rose is a fag August 20, 2006
A man with appetite for autodestruction
all his lyrics
by Serge Quilodran May 14, 2004
Born William Bruce Rose Jr., then his mom got married and changed it to William Bruce Bailey, or Bill Bailey. He had a brother and sister. Then when he was 17 he found out his real dad's name was Rose, so he changed his name to W. Rose. Then when he went to LA he was in a band called A.X.L. and changed his name to W.Axl Rose. Then he was in a band called Hollywood Rose and then L.A. Guns and formed Guns N' Roses, with Slash, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin, and Steven Adler. They released Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide in 1986, the Appetite For Destruction in '87. Then GN'R Lies in '88 and Use Your Illusion in 1991. Then The Spagetti Insident? in 1994. Then one by one members would come and go.

Now all the fans have is the past, until Chinese Demcracy the next "Guns N' Roses" is album is released, if it ever is. But it will probably suck because, its not even GN'R, all it is is Axl and some other people no one knows. I mean it's not Guns N' Roses without Slash's amazing guitar solos, Izzy's awesome song writing, Duff's writing and bass playing, and Matt or Steven's drumming!
Axl Rose is the greatest frontman of all time
by scarlet rayne September 29, 2008
he's a dick personality-wise but definetly one of the best singers out there! All you people who say he's a loser or whatever don't know what you're talking about! Sure Axl's got some issues but its impossible to ignore or disrespect his voice!
Dumbass: axl rose is a washed-up excuse for a rocker!
Smart Rocker: Go fuck yourself
by Patty O' Brien December 27, 2006

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