The clean-up crew after the Marines go and kill EVERYTHING!!!
After the initial invasion be the Marines, the Army came in to wach away the blood.
by IYAOYAS September 11, 2003
Arent really Marines yet

unlike the Marines great marksmanship the army's basic plan is to launch as much ordanance into one place as possible

not as good as Marines but better than the chairforce
Bob: I couldn't make it into the Marines so i guess i'll join the army
by Jack Ashton November 25, 2010
Ain't Ready to be a Marine Yet

A branch filled with those who couldn't cut it in the Marine Corps but still wanted to rock their digital camouflage in shopping malls, stores, and just about anywhere they feel like wearing them, because they are comfy and they look sloppy. Although the animosity between branches is all in good fun and despite all the jokes and bickers there is in fact lots of mutual respect between branches because we both fight for the world's finest military. Kill.
Marine: Hey man are you gonna change outta your uniform before you go out tonight?

Soldier: Nah man I'm trying to score free drinks and people will think I'm cool if I wear it with my beret even if I'm not a Ranger

Marine: Dude why are you always walking and talking on your cell in uniform, putting your hands in your pockets and being all around unprofessional?

Soldier: Cuz I'm a Hoo-Ah and I don't give a fuck

Marine: Hey man remember that time the Marine Corps was about 1/3 the size of the Army but they somehow manage to complete missions quickly, effectively, and without sufficient funding or equipment?

Soldier: Yea that pretty much an ongoing theme, we strive to be mediocre
by Born2Kill_USMCdotmil December 16, 2009
When a man gets down and the girl blows the hell out of him.
Tim: Alicia came over to play army last night
Joe: Army?
Tim: Just like the real world. I get down and she blows the hell out of me.
by Stan M. December 09, 2007
Best branch of the military.
Marines suck army soldiers dickes.
A branch of the military that, judging by most of these definitions, apparently feels very threatened by the Marine Corps.
I didn't have the balls to join the Marines so I went army instead, and I'll spend the next 4 years of my life trying to convince people that the army is better.
by LaRhue April 24, 2011
See the definition of Gruntling
Look at that little gruntling in camo fatigues he must be in the army
by not a meatshield July 16, 2006

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