Aren't Ready to be a Marine Yet
Bob- Why did ya join the army?

Chris-Cause the Marine Corps is too hard for me.
by Batkin January 25, 2009
the sexiest group of men in the entire world, not to mention brave and incredible. common female fettish ;)
Girl 1: ""
Girl 2: "what?!!"
Girl 1: "i just saw the hottest thing"
Girl 2: "it was army wasn't it?"
by jess4mike January 28, 2009
A int
R eady
M arines
Y et
thats the ARMY, you know they fuck everything up
by idid banger March 01, 2009
a way for the bottom 10% of high school classes to make their life invaluable as a dispensable grunt on the front lines
Failure at Life: Man, my life is going nowhere, i should join the army, i will be a hero
by plasma phasr February 11, 2010
A.R.M.Y. - An abbreviation for "Ain't Ready to be Marines Yet" (A.R.M.Y.). This is the saying of the Marine Corps JROTC, since the Marines are the most disciplined US military group.
Marine #1: Did you see that ARMY guy? Man, I could do all that shit like 100 times faster.

Marine #2: Yeah, well...He "Ain't Ready to be Marines Yet". What did you expect?

Marine #1: Hahaha, you have a point!
by Murmur November 30, 2007
Bunch of faggots who follow up what the Marines do and can't take shit on their own and always talk a lot of shit to their superiors United States Marines. They have easy ass boot camp and don't require you to do shit to get in and only get people to join because it's easier to get through college that way since they just get through army boot camp and get their g.i. bill. Semper Fidelis motherfuckers!
Fat ass eqauls army specialist
by US Marine 029 March 18, 2009
ain't ready for the marines yet.
you is in da army? sheeeit holmes, you ain't ready for the marines yet.
by silent majority December 20, 2008

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