A.R.M.Y. is an acronym for

Ready to be a
I'm just a little boy that wants to "play" war....think I'll go join the Army.....because I ain't ready to be a man yet
by usafman December 25, 2006
1. Ostensibly for 'defense'. An Army is a device used by governments to enforce their will over people by killing some of them or, through deft command, just by threatening to kill some of them.

2. Often refers specifically to the ground based component of a large military force, tasked with killing people in close combat and directly enforcing a governments will on those people. Rather than doing such remotely, by air or sea.

3. It often refers specifically to the military force of the dominant world power, since they are the most likely to find it necessary to kill people in places where that government does not directly rule, in order to enforce its indirect rule.

4. The least politically advantageous component of the military for a government to use. This is due to the proximity of the army personnel to the people they are with tasked killing. Jet planes aren't put at risk by sticks and stones.
1. The numbers don't lie. Military forces tend to kill a great deal more of the people of the country they are tasked with 'defending' than foreign invaders. See Native Americans or Iraq.

2. 655,000, that's the number of civilian deaths in Iraq up to 10/11/2006. Or you can trust the more pleasing estimates - the most conservative of which puts civilian deaths at about 64 per day since the war began.

3. Iraq and Vietnam are two popular non-war actions, but there are about 250 documented military actions by US soldiers abroad, not involving a declared war. These involve just about every nation in Central America, producing oil or the natural resource du jour.

4. "Bush 1 was pure evil, but at least he knew to keep the Army out of Iraq. Bush 2 isn't any more evil than his dad, but he sure is a dumbass."
by Ex_Soldier_11Bravo May 27, 2007
Ready for the
army dogs cant do anything first. everyone knows the MARINES take care of business, then the army comes in after its all over and claims they did everything.
by jarhead August 22, 2005
Group of men who get the credit for what the marines have done. The last time they won anything, it was World War II. They have screwed up everything they have taken part in since then. Thank god for the marines.
The Marines take it, the Army occupies it, the Army loses it, the Marines retake it, the marines occupy it. The war is won, the AMRY secretly says 'Thank gof for the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS'
by Chris January 03, 2005
A group of nasty soldiers that have no pride in uniforms. A place where everyone that is a fat ass can be a proud ranger. No discipline in war. the clean up crew. The land of the old, fat, and nasty. The land of the 50 year old Privates.
" Hey look at that old fat bitch... holy shit!!! she is an army Private. She could be my Grandmother."

by sgt skeet skat July 10, 2008
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