A fun game where the guy salutes and the girl blows the hell out of him.
After dinner you wanna go over to my place and play army?
by 28he2 June 04, 2009
A part of the US military that uses acronyms and knows how to spell, unlike their USMC brothers that think ARMY is an acronym for "ain't ready to be marines yet". When I tried it was ARTBMY. US ARMY actually means "Uncle Sam Ass Raped Me Yesterday"

- Have fought in every war for our nation, not guarded unruly sailors.

- Are capable of thinking, at least the Airborne, SF, Rangers. A very dangerous weapon indeed! The Marines react, which has its place.

- Are not a branch of the Navy

- The ARMY gives awards for "being"

- Wears black berets like Saddam Hussein did

- Gets things done without a cheerleader type PR... you know who does. The ARMY hires shitty advertising agencies.

- Admits to its mistakes
It's a War when the Army gets involved.
by alpino September 15, 2008
A branch of the military. It does many tasks like take parts in wars, do secret missions, espionage, and combat. Whatever it takes, they will fight for our country. They will be honored for helping us.
French is the army code name for Rolande
by Ultraf0xDictionary June 06, 2014
In reference to the U.S. Army: A branch of the U.S. military that specializes in ground combat involving infantry and armor units, though does use marine vessels and various air-crafts. They also employ airborne troopers such as the 75th Rangers. Enlistment offers many benefits such as the G.I. Bill, various opportunities to learn important skills for careers, a sense of patriotic pride, etc. Despite the many disputes concerning which branch of the U.S. military is "better", one must realize that all branches are cogs in a machine, and without one, the others could function to their full potential... Except for the National Guard, fuck those pussies.
Me: So I've finally enlisted in the Army.

Friend A: Nice! I just joined the Air Force, so if you need a strafing run, just call.

Friend B: I got accepted into the Naval Academy.

Me: Damn man, good job. Now then, if only we had a friend in the Marine Corps. We would have every branch covered.

Friend A: What about the National Guard?

Me: What about those pussies?

All start laughing.
by Future Army Calv Scout June 27, 2011
A nickname you get if you wear an Army shirt for 4 days in a row.
Hey Army! Nice shirt, is it new?
Real funny.
by sammyxs April 18, 2011
Easier Than Eagles Scouts Yet Harder Than Cub Scouts. If You Can Write Your Name On The ASVAB, And Get Your Phone Number Right Within 2-Digits, The Army Might Be For You.
Army General: "I Popped A Drug Test And I Could Only Do 2 Pull-ups, So The Marines Laughed And Sent My Folder To The Army Recruiter And Look At Me Now!"
by Big "Boss" Dog December 05, 2010
The boys who come in after the Marines clear everything out
Marines strike first

Army occupys
by Drewsky November 09, 2006

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