The best branch in the United States Military. Soldiers that come out of the Army have real careers to look forward too. How many marines got discharged only to serve food and take orders from an ex-U.S. Army soldier? The U.S. Army soldier is trained in proficient in their warrior tasks an drills. Ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America.
Marines are only grunts. Army Soldiers are professionals.
(the Navy and Air Force doesn't even hold a candle to neither.)
Jason: I'm gonna join the Army.
Daniel: You pussy. Why don't you join the Marines?
Jason: Because I don't wanna be a waiter at Friday's when I grow up.
by cmuss November 05, 2006
when a guy lays down and a girl blows him to smitherines to the point of him wanting to return the favor to the girl
Last night me and my boyfriend played army.
by brinney April 25, 2008
land based branch of the U.S. Military. an underpaid, over-worked, under equipped fighting force run by all-knowing U.S. Senators, the deceptive C.I.A., money hungry corporate giants and an oil thirsty nation
You'll never get rich
You son of a bitch
you're in the ARMY NOW!
by NoHouse April 11, 2005

1. A large body of people organized and trained for land warfare.
2. often Army The entire military land forces of a country.
3. A tactical and administrative military unit consisting of a headquarters, two or more corps, and auxiliary forces.
The U.S. Army is able to spell the word wash, which was obviously lost in the vocabulary of the marine core, which is evident in this.

"The clean-up crew after the Marines go and kill EVERYTHING!!!
After the initial invasion be the Marines, the Army came in to wach away the blood."
by William April 24, 2004
The last civil chance to have a semi decent career for most high school screw ups.
Joe: Man, your failing every class what are you planning to do with yourself?

Pete: No biggie ill just join the army.
by lo =] July 21, 2009
The branch of the military that gets to take cell phones to boot camp and gets to eat as much as they want at the chow hall, even if they're fat fucks. BTW, the next person who says marines are stupid and are waiters after they get EAS'd just needs to go look at Fortune 500 companies and see the vast majority of CEO's who were former marines compared to former soldiers...Pretty ridiculous considering there are about 180,000 marines and over 2 million soldiers. Marines join the Corps because they want discipline, not to mention the Marine Corps' amazing combat track record. (Some also join because of the "pussy magnet" dress blues, but who can blame them? Unlimited free drinks and pussy at any bar, why not?)
Soldier 1:Hey specialist, why did you shoot that Marine?
Soldier 2:I am scared and undisciplined so I shot the first thing that I saw move.
Soldier 1:It's ok, you're in the army, let me hold your hand and make sure you get double dessert tonight at the chow hall.
by E-4 grunt October 16, 2007
Best branch of the military.
Marines suck army soldiers dickes.

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