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Land of the Asians
I drove through Arcadia today and almost was killed because of the all the asian drivers.
by MHS 2009 Graduate July 09, 2009
The mythical and legendary land to which, in the eyes of The Libertines, the Albion is sailing.
Arcadia is a poetic ideal of a place where everythings good and right, anywhere you can find peace.
Long may the Albion sail to the shores of Arcadia
by nickolai March 04, 2005
An infamous "glitcher" in the game Metal Gear Online for the PS3.
"Git gud Arcadia"

"You glitching scrub"
by squat a lotz June 19, 2009
Where cigarettes grow on trees and the benches are made of denim, the realm of the infinitive, your idea of heaven/perfection, founded by the greatest musicians of our time, Mister Carlos Barat and Mister Peter Doherty ;]
~*The Arcadian Dream will set you free!*~
by Sugar_Scum May 25, 2006
"You know – Arcadia? The realm of the infinity? It's a poet's corner. This is the code by which we live our lives. This is the pact we've sworn all those years ago that turned us all from enemies into companions and wayfarers and travellers on the seas of Albion. It's not a cult or a religion – it's an awareness of your surroundings; you're not gonna force yourself on anyone and, equally, no-one's gonna force themselves on you. And it's about community and pleasure. It came from a whisper through the trees. It came from a crack in the pavement. It can also come when you open a bag of crisps, or when you kick a football against a goalpost. Even if I was winding you up, it would still be true, because Arcadia and the Arcadian Dream is so deep, is so true to our hearts... There have been Arcadian gatherings over the years, but I think the best is yet to come. It can be as powerful as your imagination can allow it to be. But, it can also be as dark and twisted as your soul... Arcadia encompasses the infinite, and that's why it comforts me."
up the albion! she'll sail again and arcadia is in our sights.....
by rkem May 23, 2007
Invented by Pete Doherty and Carl Barat (formely of the Libertines). The mythical place where the ship 'The Albion' is sailing. It is a dreamland where there is no laws, boundaries, and there is liberty everywhere. Dropped slightly by Carl Barat in his new band 'Dirty Pretty Things' but Pete Doherty in his new band 'Babyshambles' still believes in it - hence the debut album 'Down in Albion'
'Pete Dohertys and Carl Barats quest for Arcadia continues!'
by lisa5672 November 30, 2006
1) Various places, including a region of ancient Greece and a couple of cities.

2) Beaver, of any kind. Here's the backstory: Beaver College in Pennsylvania changed its name to Arcadia University partially due to the fact that "beaver" is slang for a woman's naughty bits. Now, you can use the word "arcadia" in place of the word "beaver". It's fun and no one will know what you're talking about.
Arcadia is referenced in a bunch of poems and songs and stuff as a pastoral or idealistic place.

I went fishing this weekend and saw an arcadia building a dam.

A lot of people think college is just about getting some arcadia.
by epops February 27, 2007
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