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The mythical and legendary land to which, in the eyes of The Libertines, the Albion is sailing.
Arcadia is a poetic ideal of a place where everythings good and right, anywhere you can find peace.
Long may the Albion sail to the shores of Arcadia
by nickolai March 04, 2005
1. owned or controlled by a flaming homosexual with the intent of hard anal sex
2. an alias for G.W. Bush shezbian clezbian
3. another way of describing kinky gay-man butt sex
4. a nasty, random name for an ambigously gay individual
Short kids are often made gay slaves to taller adults.

That gay slave just wasted more money killing Indians.

Mike's sister is my slave.
by Nickolai March 10, 2005
1. a slut who gives blowjobs to both male and female genitalia for very little smack or cash
2. a female Jewish slut
3. a random insult targeting ones questionable sexuality
4. a gender-bending crack dealer
Will's Mom is a shezbian.
Argentina got some from a shezbian last night.
by Nickolai March 10, 2005
1. a Czech. female crack ho shezbian
2. a vibrating masturbation device incorporated by the goverment to silence Asians ironic
3. a term used to discourage falker the online stalker
I lit up with a clezbian last night.
Timmy K hates clezbians.
by Nickolai March 10, 2005

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