Ar-ka-dia the armpit of Florida toothless inbred bastard capital of Florida
dude this place is like another planet I feel like I'm
in Ar-ka-dia arcadia
by carlton dirte' January 25, 2011
To date a man who has questionably sexuality.
Shit I think I've pulled an Arcadia there; Callum plucks his eyebrows.
by erinu92 April 04, 2011
A RP Forum online that is based on a legendary world of nations built around elements. This being Fire, Water, Wind, Thunder, Earth, Light, and Dark. Mystical creatures of all sorts inhabit this realm and quality is a priority. Not to be mistaken for a clan from some fail RP chat, Arcadia is all about originality. Allowing their characters to be from the source of the mind rather than from some Anime or Game such as many Forums do.

Arcadia~Where Legends are born.
Imagine a world of fairies, elves, dwarfs, Angels and more. Pirate rule not only the ocean, but the sky. Vampires walk freely in some places no matter what time of the day. Elves rule their own nation, and fairies inhabit their own islands. A place where a legacy is always born...
by Azireth July 19, 2010
a pretty sick girl on myspace who gets her nickname from the red hot chili pepper album.
-Did you see arcadium's new picture?
-Yeah. She is So hot.
by arcadium August 03, 2007

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