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Carl barât, ex-libertine, shared the lead role singer with best mate pete doherty. The band split in 2002, after releasing two incredible albums (up the bracket, the libertines). The reason for the band split is contreversial. Apparantly because of petes relentless drug use but others claim that the band wanted to tour the second album but pete wanted to record new songs.
Carl Barât is now part of the punk-rock group Dirty Pretty Things. They released their debut 'Waterloo to anywhere' late in 2006 which got excellent reviews, particuarly from rock music magazine 'NME'.
"carl barat and pete doherty were waaay better together..."

"carl barât has cute floppy hair"
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by lisa5672 November 30, 2006
the ex-libertines drummer, spends most of his time with his top off.
"wow gary powell's body is hot"

"i wish gary powell would put a top on for a change"

"libertines would not be the same without gary"
#gary powell #pete doherty #carl barat #the libertines #drummer
by lisa5672 November 30, 2006
Invented by Pete Doherty and Carl Barat (formely of the Libertines). The mythical place where the ship 'The Albion' is sailing. It is a dreamland where there is no laws, boundaries, and there is liberty everywhere. Dropped slightly by Carl Barat in his new band 'Dirty Pretty Things' but Pete Doherty in his new band 'Babyshambles' still believes in it - hence the debut album 'Down in Albion'
'Pete Dohertys and Carl Barats quest for Arcadia continues!'
#arcadia #albion #libertines #carl barat #pete doherty
by lisa5672 November 30, 2006
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