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The ship Carlos Barat and Peter Doherty of The Libertines are sailing on to Arcadia.
"the arcardian dream has fallen through, but the Albion sails on course"
by Sallog May 05, 2004
Britain or England. Meaning white, referring to SE chalk cliffs.
"Perfidious Albion. The nation of shopkeepers." -Napoleon
by Anonymous November 06, 2002
<noun> poetic;

The island otherwise known as Britain.
"... and take me away, back to Albion forevermore..."
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005
albion is one of the last ancent names given to britain derived from the ancient name for scotland which was alba
"ah the magnificent albion"
"derived from scottish you wee english punk"
by ikilledamangiro March 29, 2009
One of three realms in the MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. It is primarily populated by people who are very insecure with themselves, so they have a tendancy to form very large groups, referred to as zergs, for mutual protection. They seem to be a rather jovial bunch; they like to laugh alot.

There is a very structured social class, with Warders being the majority. This indicates that the Warders are in control in Albion.
by Bob June 19, 2003

An ephemeral place or state of mind; a place of nirvana; an escape from the realisms in the world. It was created by The Libertines.
Down in Albion
They’re black and blue
But we don’t talk about that
Are you from round here?
How do you do
I’d like to talk about that

-Albion, The Libertines
by jes-s August 10, 2006
homosexual man; originated from the largely gay population that frequents the bar of the Albion hotel in South Beach
Look at those albions
by Reginald Johnson September 16, 2003

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