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An exception to a rule, an irregularity.
Hey, that virgin cheerleader is a real anomaly.
by Loki July 03, 2003
Any occurrence or object that is strange, unusual, or unique. Also associated with ghosts or the supernatural.
Artyom, the anomaly is closing in fast we must move!
by The Penetratorr November 08, 2010
1337 in all respects of the word, she is a genious with languages, computers, music, and just about everything else. She's one of the nicest, smartest people on 404.
"Anomaly just pwned that guy's theory."
by ... December 21, 2003
1. The pen name of an uberleet haxor
2. A person who is 13373|2 than Josh
3. A person who says "fap fap fap" all day long.
by Double E February 26, 2003
Chad Stickman. Hardgainer extraordinaire.
Boy, that's kid is a serious anomaly.
by Lucas Frabbielle January 06, 2004
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